Steel Force AR style bb rifle
Steel Force AR style bb rifleBB Rifle AR-15  Style
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 The new Steel Force is a 6-shot burst M4-style BB machinegun that makes shooters smile. This addition to the Umarex tactical line-up has practical applications for training, but is also geared for recreational shooters. The Steel Force’s magazine houses side-by-side CO2 cartridges. The BB reservoir above the hand guard holds 300 shots. The gun operates in single action or in full-auto six-shot bursts, and all of the features, from the safety to the charging handle, all work as they would on an M4. And that may be the most useful feature of the new Steel Force. While experienced shooters will feel right at home with the gun, its collapsible stock makes this the perfect way to safely introduce younger shooters to the AR platform.

Umarex Steel Force BB Rifle   Steel Force Cartridge

If you’ve been looking for an extremely fun shooting air rifle, look no further than the Umarex® Steel Force. Featuring a 6-shot burst fully automatic action for hours of shooting fun and training, the Steel Force features an M4 style and boasts a 300 round BB reservoir for extended shooting sessions without having to stop for frequent reloading. As noted above, the Umarex® Steel Force is also C02 powered and has a collapsible stock.



  • Steel Force Air Rifle
  • 6 shot burst full automatic action for hours of shooting fun
  • M4 style BB gun for a fun platform
  • 300 round BB reservoir for extended shooting sessions between reloading
  • Powered by a 12g C02 valve system
  • Collapsible stock for doubling as a learning system for youth shooters
  • Caliber: .177
  • Velocity: 430 fps
  • Barrel Length: 7.5”
  • Overall Length: 24.4 – 28.2”
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