Steve's Notes:  My Shooting Bench

Pictured above is the Black Ops Sniper Rifle in .177 , one of Steves's favorites for backyard target shooting and plinking. We have this rifle available in .22 caliber.

Steve's Notes: I've chosen to single out  the Gamo Swarm Maxxim air rifle and the Black Ops Sniper air rifle as notable special items in our product offering because I own and enjoy them myself.  Both guns are priced under $200.00 and represent real value with features and structure that make for a very satisfying shooting experience.

Steve's Notes:  In addition, the  Umarex Gantlet .22 PCP Air Rifle is a clear choice for inclusion in the group of products we highly recommend. I have just added this exciting air rifle to my personal collection, mating it with a Benjamin quality air pump. Don't miss this one!

Third Party Review Videos

Video #1  The video is presented by the guys at and I would like to give them credit for making this informative and enjoyable review.  They point out a lot of details regarding the Black Ops Snipe Air Rifle shown. This is the quality air rifle shown in the pics above, with me shooting at approximately 25 yards. They have more videos posted at their site.

Video #2 This video is of a review of the Benjamin Armada PCP Air Rifle by the great guys at AirGunReporter. They have presented an excellent review on this airgun. After enjoying this review, I suggest yiou check out their channel for more informative reviews. This quality hard hitting airgun is for those who prefer the AR platform. The Benjamin Armada is designed so that parts and accessories specifcally for the Ar-15 platform can be used on the Armada itself.  Hand grips, butt stocks, optics, rails, etc. can be easily added and changed out using the same AR items the shooter already owns.  This cross platform compatibility is a major plus for many gun enthusiasts.   The Benjamin Armada is available in .22 caliber and .25 caliber.

Video #3  The Umarex Gauntlet .22 PCP Air rifle. This new PCP air rifle offers several outstanding features that are most common in rifles costing twice the price of this gun. It has generated excitement and caught the attention of PCP enthusiasts worldwide, all at a price point that most everyone can afford. Watch the video from David Higgenbotham to hear more. Thanks are due to David for taking the time to articulate the features of this exciting pre-charged pneumatic air rifle. Wow!  A .22  PCP capable of shooting 60 shots in a string with regulated consistancy at 900 fps!

#1  Black Ops Snipper Rifle  .177 and .22 caliber      
#2 Benjamin Armarda  .22 and .25 Caliber


#3  The Umarex Gauantlet 22 caliber PCP air rifle

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