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Daisy page showing state hunting laws.  This setup by the type of prey, and is presented  geographically by state.

Link: Information from Site - Airsoft Facility:   Carmel New York.
Located at the Paladin Center in Carmel NY, HVAirsoft is a unique CQB experience.

From their website: "HVAirsoft is the largest indoor airsoft facility in the northeast spanning 138,000 square feet. We aim to provide a safe environment in which players can enjoy their airsoft experience. Our facilities are available for open play, parties, and other private events. HVAirsoft now operates airsoft open play sessions in an 20,000 square foot indoor arena and a 25,000 square feet TAC House. We believe safety comes first and follow strict safety procedures. This facility is located 1 hour north of NYC, and is accessed easily from the east side of the Hudson River north of the George Washington Bridge. This facility is also less than 30 minutes away from Danbury, Connecticut. The HVAirsoft CQB facility has a 3 level simulated apartment complex, bar, offices, bank, bodega, and warehouse with barricades and obstacles, all of which are indoor and heated/air conditioned. Pictures from our indoor facility can be found in the gallery and on the HVAirsoft CQB Facebook page shown below.  This field is open year round! Check the facebook page for specific event dates. We have battery charging stations, rental guns, BBs, and gear for sale. We have an indoor store, PROPER tactical gear, bathrooms, staging areas, snacks, and drinks available at this facility. "   -  Reviews of Air Guns and Accessories  

Articles of the best AirRifles for 2018. Articles of Choosing the Right Air Rifle, etc.
From their website: "The caliber you choose will directly correlate to your shooting needs. There are a few facts to consider first: Larger calibers are best for bigger game hunting. Small calibers will travel faster than large calibers. Large caliber pellets are more expensive. For most people, you’ll want to choose a .177 or .22 caliber rifle. These are smaller and ideal for target shooting and killing pests or small game. Ideally, if your goal is to do some light hunting, choose a .22 caliber. The .177 is so small, it often goes through the animal, but doesn’t kill it. Larger calibers, .357, .50 and .58, are normally found with PCP type rifles and are meant for killing medium to large game. Small deer or boar would fit into this category. However, these pack much more power, and you’ll have to deal with more recoil. For the beginner or younger shooter, these rifles may be to much to handle.Honestly, it’s hard to find any .58 caliber options on the market today, so you’ll be lucky to find any of these models available." 

From their site: " is the largest shooting resource website on the net; since its launch in 2009 we have continued to develop the website with new content and sections. Updated daily with the latest guns and accessories available in the UK Market, our reviews which appear online have been written by our expert team of writers, who are both well known within the industry and hugely respected. Furthermore, there's free access to read any of the reviews which currently totals at over 3,000!! These include in depth gun tests on Shotguns, Rifles, Airguns and Airsoft; plus reviews on every accessory a shooter would need ranging from clothing/moderators/scopes & optics/ammunition/footwear/security - the list is endless! What we also offer on the reviews is the chance to comment - whether it's good or bad, leave advice for other users or a question to another user/editorial team. It's completely interactive!!!"  

.177 versus .22 By jkirschy  From their site: "Introduction:
One of the more common air-gun questions we get at Yahoo Answers is which caliber is better, .177 or .22. Whenever that question is asked, there's always a lot of misinformation and disinformation that gets spouted in addition to the usual heckling you see on any air-gun question. There are also a couple people who make an honest attempt to explain the complexities of the issue and help people to make an informed choice. This essay is intended to help clarify the topic in a format which does not have a character limit and hopefully reduce the controversy about which of the two most popular airgun calibers is "better" by examining the advantages and disadvantages of both calibers. ..."  The informative article follws at their site and is worth reviewing.


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